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Tuesday , June 18, 2019
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Safely Store and Manage your Data


Make it easy to update your web site!

Eden Hosting offers complete database solutions for our web hosting, e-commerce and dedicated server packages. For Unix/Linux solutions, we offer the option of adding MySQL™.   For Windows NT and Windows 2000, we offer MS SQL™ 2000.

MySQL for Unix/Linux

MySQL is the world's most widely used open source database application.   It is a relational database management system that is fast, reliable, easy to use, and affordable!

Some of the benefits of MySQL include:

  • Able to handle large databases that can be accessed over the Web.
  • Flexible and secure password system to protect your data.
See our compatible web hosting solutions.

Microsoft SQL 2000 for NT/Windows 2000

MS SQL 2000 is a complete database and data analysis package for your business.   Choose from three different MS SQL 2000 packages that can be added to your NT web hosting or NT e-commerce solution.

Some of the features of MS SQL 2000 include:

  • Web Development Tools

    Make it simple to update and manage your web site.   Also, store and access your data securely.

  • Data Mining Capabilities

    Sort through large amounts of data to discover patterns and make valuable predictions.

  • Web-Enabled Analysis

    Extend your analytical capabilities to query, analyze and manipulate data over the Web.

  • Closed Loop Analysis

    Complete your data analysis and use the results to make important business decisions.

  • Data Transformation Services

    Make it easy to import, export and convert data from a wide range of sources.