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Tuesday , June 18, 2019
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  What's New at Eden Hosting, Inc.

Last Update: February 12th, 2005

I. FTP Password Administration Programming Completed:

The programming work required to allow you to change your FTP password through your WebAssist Control Panel (Shared Windows 2000 and Windows 2000 Dedicated Server hosting plans only), has been completed.  You can now check to find what your current FTP password is, change the password, and also DISABLE/ENABLE the FTP service alltogether.

This feature can be found under the "E-Mail/FTP/DNS"  tab after you login to your WebAssist Control Panel.  You may also login to your control panel directly using the "Login" links located on the upper-right hand mini menu or in the main menu on every page of the Eden Hosting website (under "Client Services").

II. Billing/Renewal Changes:

In order to streamline operations and make life easier for all of us, the method by which billing and renewals are handled will be changed in the near future.  These changes are summarized as follows:

  • Every new & existing client will be required to pay by credit card only.
  • Renewals will be automatic, until client cancels.
  • No paper invoices will be mailed--only an email will be sent.

When your hosting service comes up for renewal, you will receive email notification 30-days prior to the renewal date.  The email will inform you that your hosting service is up for renewal and that the primary credit card on file will be automatically charged for payment.  You will be provided with a link to login to the control panel to make changes to your account, including adding/deleting credit cards, or cancel hosting.

If you do not cancel hosting, your primary credit card will be charged on the day before your actual renewal date.  If the primary credit card on file is successfully charged, you will be sent, via email, a statement showing a zero balance.  If the credit card does not charge successfully, you will be sent an email notifying you of this.  You will then have an oppurtunity to update the credit card on file.  After 7-days, our system will again attempt running the primary credit card.  If the credit card still does not successfully charge, your hosting services will be put in 30-day cancellation pending mode, and an email will be sent informing you of this action.  This mode shuts down all services, except the Account and Billing/Renewal tabs in your control panel.  This gives you ample time and oppurtunity to update your credit card information on file.  If no changes are made within 30-days, your account then goes into permament cancellation mode, and all of your setting, emails, and site files are deleted, and your account is closed.

An email will be sent to all hosting clients 30-days before this new billing/renewal plan is put into place.  If you have any questions or comments regarding this new billing method, please send an email to:

III. MailScanner with Spamassassin and Sophos Anti-Virus Installed:

We installed and have been testing/monitoring MailScanner with SpamAssassin and Sophos Anti-virus software for the past year, and to date, have prevented more than 100,000 SPAM emails from reaching our clients..  We have also cleaned viruses and other vermin from 100% of all emails sent into, or out of, our mail servers.  This combination of MailScanner/SpamAssassin/Sophos is absolutely incredible, as it does an excellent job of cutting SPAM to almost nothing, and eliminates all virus threats BEFORE they ever get to your system.

Working out all the details of installing this incredible software on our Linux Sendmail server took many months of careful planning.  If you know of a company that would like to reduce their SPAM and virus content dramatically, please have them call us.  We can either setup a MailScanner enabled mail server at their company site, or we can host it for them in our data center for a very low fee (typically about $150.00 per month).  We have many clients doing this with us, and they enjoy 99.9% uptime and SPAM and virus free emails.

IV. Major Control Panel Upgrade in Progress:

The WebAssist Control Panel is undergoing a major revision upgrade.   In addition to the changes to the Billing/Renewal method described under II. above, the following features will be added/repaired/upgraded:

  • Ability to add/change/delete POP email accounts
  • Ability to add/change/delete ODCB System DSNs
  • Ability to make changes to DNS for your domain
  • Ability to STOP/START Website
  • Ability to add/remove MS Front Page Extensions
  • Ability to upgrade your hosting plan or add features
  • Ability to manage file/folders under your website
  • Ability to define a 3rd contact type, "Technical Contact"

V. System Memory Upgrades:

To improve the performance and reliability of several web/email servers, we will install a substantial amount of memory in several key servers over the next few weeks.  These upgrades will be done during off-hours to minimize downtime.

Check back here from time to time to check on our upgrade(s) progress!