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Tuesday , June 18, 2019
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 Reseller Program

Our Business is Your Business!

As a Eden Hosting Reseller, you can act as reseller of our web hosting services, and significantly enhance your own company's products, services, and income.   Our Program is specifically geared for individuals and companies that are in the business of building websites, programming Internet applications, and providing value-added Internet services, such as portals, large-scale email installations, database-driven applications, and more.

Fill out our online Application Form and become a hosting services reseller today!

By taking advantage of our advanced Windows 2000 or Red Hat Linux hosting solutions, our Reseller Program enables you to resell our services to your clients at prices that are both fair to them and profitable for you.   You are free to manage your accounts the way you want, set your own prices, and you can utilize all of the features of our dedicated web, email, database, and DNS servers.   This allows you to concentrate on your own core business, while providing your clients with with reliable, hassle free, turnkey Internet solutions.

As an authorized Eden Hosting Reseller, you can:

  • Increase your revenues by adding web/database/email hosting services to your current menu of Internet-related design and development services.
  • Reduce or eliminate the high cost of operating your own web/mail/database and DNS servers, as well as the professional staff needed to maintain and administer them.
  • Provide a complete array of services to your customers and begin offering them total, turnkey Internet solutions.
  • Set your own prices and establish rates that are specific to your own locale, existing customers and target markets.

How the Program Works

Discount Pricing.

 You retain the right to re-sell our hosting services at any price you wish.   Our web hosting plans will be sold to you at the following discounted rates:

  • Level 1: 1 to 5 domains: Qualifying period, no discount
  • Level 2: 6 to 20 domains: 15% discount
  • Level 3: 21 to 50 domains: 20% discount
  • Level 4: 51 to 100 domains: 25% discount
  • Level 5: 100+ domains: 30% discount
No Setup Fees

 As a Reseller, you will not be charged our normal hosting plan setup fees, and you will receive priority service for new websites that you wish to setup.   The 'no-setup-fee' value applies to all hosting plans, database hosting plans, and options that can be added to existing hosting plans.   You may continue to charge your own clients a setup fee - the choice is yours.

Bonus Accounts.

 For every 10 hosting accounts you setup with us, you will receive a free, full-year VH400M-W2K hosting plan service.   You can use this account for yourself, or sell it to a client - the option is yours.


 Under the normal terms of our reseller program, we remain anonymous for each account you set up.   This allows you to promote your company and re-sell hosting services under your name.   In this case, we will send bill statements directly to you, and not to your customers.   Alternatively, for a small fee, we can negotiate arrangements to have the bills sent directly to your customers.

Domain Name Registration.

 As a Network Solutions Affiliate Partner, we normally process all new domain name registrations the same day, and can have sites live on the Internet within 24 hours.   As an Eden Hosting Partner, you will be listed with Network Solutions as the Administrative and Billing contact for the domains you register.

Technical Support.

 Eden Hosting Resellers receive top priority from our Technical Support Department for inquiries and/or problem resolutions.   You simply need to indicate your Affiliate ID number when contacting our Technical Support Department and your problems will be attended to.

Terms and Requirements

To join the Eden Hosting Reseller Program or to become a member of our Affiliate Network, you only need to complete our Reseller Application form and establish one website hosting plan with us.   Once you have reached the fifth hosting plan account, you will begin to receive a 15% discount on all existing accounts.

Under the normal terms of the Program, you will be responsible for billing your own clients, and handling all personal or telephone contact.   Unless otherwise requested, we will remain anonymous to your own clients.

You must provide us with a valid credit card number for billing purposes.

You will not be obligated to purchase any number of accounts beyond five, and you are free to act as a reseller for other hosting providers.

How to Register

To register for our reseller program, simply fill out our online Reseller Application Form.   After you have registered, you will receive a Program Referral Guide, and a Affiliate ID which you will use to establish new accounts for your clients.